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About Us

CLEVER CLUB PRODUCTS is but one business within the CLEVER GROUP owned by Craig & Margaret Thomas. Clever first started as Clever Fridge Magnets in October 1994 in the spare bedroom of our home.
We spent Monday to Friday making fridge magnets and Saturday to Sunday 4wdriving with the Triple Diamond 4WD Club.
We joined the Triple Diamond Club in 1991. In our time with the club we have held several committee positions. I even have a few "firsts". I was the first female Sergeant-at-Arms and also the first female Secretary. Craig has been vice-president and treasurer and we jointly held the Magazine Editors position. We have also been the Christmas Party Coordinator and Merchandise Officer (that was before the position existed).
But the position that is by far the favourite is the Training Officer. Craig has held that position for many many years and I can't see him letting it go any time soon.
It's this love of 4WDriving that has given us this experience in committees for over 25 years. Craig took on the role as Vice President and is currently the President of the NSW & ACT 4WD Association. He is also the President of the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) and serves on the Ministers Advisory Committee for National Parks
It was our involvement with the Triple Diamond Club that led us to supplying club gear. The merchandise officer was having trouble sourcing small runs of good products at good prices.
So reluctantly we started to supply them. We hesitated only because of our personal involvement with the club. The result was the birth of CLEVER CLUB PRODUCTS on May 31st 2012. Once word got around that we would do small runs the clubs started to approach us.
We now service all types of clubs, Car Clubs, Fishing Clubs, Caravan Clubs, Pistol Clubs and others. 
So we know how a committee in a small clubs works, we know how to help you get the best results for your members with continuity and less hassle.
Give Clever Club Products a go and see what we can achieve for you.